Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh, Good Grief!

The last day of the last month of 2010.
I liked saying "twenty-ten".  I hope to hear the trend continue with "twenty-eleven".  I cringe just a bit whenever I hear someone utter "two-thousand and eleven".

So here's to a FANTABULOUS twenty-ten, and all best wishes for an incredilicious twenty-eleven!


Cyn said...

OH, I look forward to this every year!!! And, as usual, I watched it about 8 times! :) XOXO to all of you! Here's hoping that THIS is the year I get to see you/hang out with you!!! Maybe I'll score a spot in the 2011 video! ;)

LeolaniNYC said...

I LOVE your hear in review! Miss your beautiful family!