Thursday, August 19, 2010

Soft Landings

I just alighted from a little piece of heaven, into the balmy air of Japan. My flight was in Business Class - and I'm telling you, the business was comfort! Just LOOK at the amount of legroom I had!

Now, I am an economy girl. The last time I flew internationally in business class was when Supertrav and I emigrated back to the USA, and Kit was all of 22 months old. We flew United Airlines, however, despite our business class status, our seats were uncomfortable, the flight attendants indifferent, and we were far from the friendly skies. If anything was gained, it was the resolve never to fly international business class on United, EVER again!
This flight was on American Airlines. I know that I am just going on and on about my silly seat, but I'm telling you - I was completely pampered! My seat was completely adjustable, even to a lying down position. I could lengthen the footrest, raise the seat enough so that my feet didn't even touch the ground, move forward or back…you get the idea. I think I was just so tickled because I am 5'11", and actually having enough legroom is a big deal. And then the food....four courses, anything you want on demand, and excellent service all around.

Besides the pampering, this flight was also different, because I didn't have a small child in tow. This is my first time going anywhere without Jenabird. I have missed her all day. My flight was definitely more relaxing, and I regularly reflected upon the difference in my situation without her. There will be much reflecting on this trip.

I'm actually blogging while on my ride into Tokyo. A lovely company of young people met me at the airport, and greeted me with smiles and a video camera. Coming off from a 12-hour flight, one doesn't exactly look glamorous - but I had my sunglasses. If that isn't diva, what is? We are now enroute to the Hilton Tokyo, where I will be treated to an executive suite. I will also receive a cellphone, a welcome package, and will sign for all of my meals. I am also expected to give the best performance of Abigaille in Verdi's NABUCCO that I possibly can. I think under these circumstances, things are going to go very, VERY well.

Here's a little pic from yesterday, when I was preparing Jena for my trip away to Japan. Please note the dress - the THIRD one I made for her this year. That's a 300% increase over last year! ;-)


PBAndJ said...

Lovely flight, I'm glad you had leg room. Is that a pic of you blogging in the backseat? LOL. Have Fun :)

Morgan Lindsay said...

I read your post shortly after you had it up but I didn't really realize how much legroom you actually got... it just appeared normal compared to cars. Then we just went on a flight to Utah in normal class and jeez... you had TONS of room! We swere all smooshed up!