Monday, August 16, 2010

It Ain't Over 'Til the ...

It can't be the end of summer. It's only 16 August, and the equinox isn't until 23 September, and it was barely spring the last time I blogged. Nevertheless, for me summer is over. I leave for Japan in two days for another NABUCCO, and by the time I get back, it will be hours before October.

I guess that's what happens when you spend five weeks in SUBURBAN PARADISE. The kids and I trekked out west and spent our days basking in the sun, cooling off in kiddie pools, and having an all-around terrific time.

Kit went to Youth Conference in southern Utah, EFY in Provo,
and the comic con in San Diego. On Pioneer Day, Supertrav joined us. We celebrated my birthday with a trip to Temple Square and lunch in SLC, topped off with birthday cake around my parents' kitchen table.

The next morning we headed up to Wyoming to spend a week with Supertrav's family, swimming, riding four-wheelers, eating food from the garden, and spending time on the Bighorn mountains. I even managed to sew another summer dress for Jenabird. On the way back to Utah, we took a detour through the Teton Valley, making a 9-hour trip an 18-hour journey. It was awesome!

Now that we're back in the city and back to da' grind, I'm realizing how all-too-quickly time is flying. Kit starts high school in a couple of weeks, Jena-bird is a preschooler, and Supertrav has another birthday this fall. *sigh* Can't time hold still for just a couple of years?


Here are a some favorite pics from our summer adventures.

Getting an morning start on Independence Day celebrations, at the Provo Freedom Festival balloon launch.

Up at Squaw Peak, looking over Utah Valley.

Kit at EFY. I wonder if we'll be taking a similar pic a few years down the line....

I found a dress I had sewn in college, for my yet-unborn daughter. The style is completely outdated and it needed to be hemmed...but otherwise, this was a pretty sweet moment. {lovelovelove}

Birthday spent at Temple Square.

Swimming with cousins

It just isn't swimming unless her tongue is in the water.

In G'ma & G'pa's VICTORY garden!

First time on a horse. Her proud cowboy looks on....

What 'cha got there? A {very, very} little froggy!

The first of three calves they branded.

Our detour to the Teton Valley included a stop at the grave site of the remarkable and inspirational Sacajawea.

Jenabird's first trip to the dentist was a rousing success!

Savoring the freedom of our summer.


Marci said...

It was so fun to read about your family's summer vacation. And oh my goodness! You look absolutely fantastic! I cannot believe how big the kids are getting. Have fun in Japan.

PBAndJ said...

I'm glad you had fun this summer and that you're back and blogging again! It was fun to look at the pics. My goodness your kids are getting big. It's not fair, men get more handsome as they age. (I always knew you'd end up with a big burly cowboy ) Have fun in Japan. I look forward to your next blog.