Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Good. No Bad. No Ugly

I've been on pins and needles since my last post from oh, this morning. Haven't you? Well here is the Big Reveal.

Where once was lumpy, smooth.
Where once was moldy, clear.
Where once was inadequate lighting, well, er...lights.
Where once were those horrible plug extensions which stretched around the rooms above the floor molding, sparking every time you plugged something in them, outlets.

Gentle readers, I give you...

The Renovation.

View of living room. Notice the modern ceiling lamp. No more weird sconces on the side wall at awkward distances from each other.

Kitchen/dining. Love the DISHWASHER!

MAN, I miss having the shower head on the end. What is it about NYC apartments and having the shower head in the MIDDLE?!! Also, I'm digging the "normal" toilet, rather than the public restroom-type that we had. Still have.

The one bedroom. (Notice I didn't refer to it as "our" bedroom". It's completely unrecognizable, what with all of those shiny, new plug outlets!

Entry way. I miss those big closets! They had great space. I like the new handles, and the smooth finish.

The first thing that jumped out to me were the smoothed walls, and the absence of crown molding. Instant updates.

And now, all of this for an INTRODUCTORY PRICE of only $1835/month. I say introductory, because after one year the rent shoots up to >$2000/month, thus pushing it out of rent stabilization. Our rent upon vacancy: $1360.

I weep for the future of the new tenants.
*Edited to add that I did not take the pics, although the photo layouts are freakishly similar. The pics were on the rental broker's website.


Jonathon and Sarah said...

Oh my goodness... those renovations are amazing! The bathroom is completely unrecognizable. Why couldn't they have looked like that when we were there. I guess you have to pay the big bucks to get a nice place. It was probably hard to go back and see the Old place looking so New.

Kiwimommy said...

Sarah, I actually found these online! We didn't get back to see the place ourselves, and apparently it's already been rented. I'm sure yours is just as gorgeous, too. It's criminal what they've done re:the amount of rent, though. Crooks.

PBAndJ said...

Hey! They painted over our lovely paint job! I'll bet your new apartment is nicer :)

Cyn said...

Insanity! That's more than I pay for my 5 bd 3100 sf house! But they did a great job, didn't they? When do we get to see some pics of the new place?!