Monday, August 31, 2009

Closing a Chapter

Remember when I posted the pics of our old apartment, taken after the place had been cleared out? The post was dripping with sentiment and sighs, and sentences about how much we'd miss it?

You don't??

Oh. Maybe that's because I NEVER DID.

So here are some pics - but only because I have to make this post in order for my next post to have any impact!

View of living room, and hall back to bedroom, taken from the entry way, standing at the front door.

Kitchen/dining. For six years, the dining area was also Kit's bedroom space.


Our one bedroom.

Entry way. I miss those big closets! They had great space.

All right. Now that you've seen the place, I will make my next post shortly.
Darn it all, I still really miss that apartment - and even more, I miss the neighborhood! And it's only 11 blocks away! But it might as well be 11 states away, because it feels like a whole new world, compared to where we've set up camp now. Even with its horrible wiring, cramped space, terrible lighting, and makeshift living quarters - it was home for eight years. There were a lot of wonderful memories shared within those walls. And while I am still surrounded by those dear memory makers, I truly miss the space.

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