Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Weekend's "Maine" Attraction

Kit returned home from a two-week school trip to Maine, on a Natural History of the Northeastern Seaboard course. He arrived back, safe and sound, late Friday night. The bus was due to arrive at 9:30pm, but didn't until nearly 11pm - so it was after midnight when I finally got to give my now-13-year old son a big welcome home hug.

I wrote, "now-13-year old son", because he had his birthday while in Maine. Since we missed his big day, we threw him a surprise party on Saturday evening - and boy, was he surprised!

We invited a group Kit's friends (primarily from church), who are people that have played an important role in his life as school buddies, social friends, or youth leaders. It was so much fun having them all arrive within a small ten-minute window, while Kit was out of the house with his dad and sister. I had baked a big cake (using the Magnolia Bakery recipe for vanilla cupcakes - YUMMMMM) and decorated it to read, Happy Birthday Kit. Original, I know. But I received what I considered a high compliment, when one of the kids said with admiration, "Wow! That looks like a Costco cake!" Heh heh heh. Lots of happy cake-eating and Guitar Hero playing ensued. It was a fun time.

(I love this pic - look at the size of those surprised pupils!)

Now to conclude with some post-party jamming....

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