Monday, June 22, 2009

Just Because I Gotta Share....

As is the routine on Mondays, I've been doing laundry. Even though Saturday was the big clean-up from Kit's Maine trip, sure enough Monday morning rolled around and he found more clothes stuffed in his backpack. They were dirty. And wet. Ew.
Let's just say I insisted he put them in a bucket of water and Lysol to soak.

Well this is the part that I just had to share - I just received this email from SuperTrav, in response to my letting him know that I had managed to wash Kit's sleeping bag:

His backpack was reeked because of the wet socks and underwear he found this morning…and in true 13-yr old fashion he and his friends had to smell it while on the train this morning. It was so funny how they would react to the foul smell and get big smiles and laugh…. what is it about smells and kids that age?

So true!!

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