Wednesday, February 18, 2009

With Love

Remembering my beautiful mother today.


Cyn said...

I'm not surprised to see that your Mum is such a STUNNER... you look just like her! And the beautiful baby pics could easily pass for Jena... amazing! I love this peek into your history! I know she's proud of you every moment... that you're a fun and fantastic mother of two, that you've accomplished so much through your commitment to developing your gifts, and that you honor her heritage by embracing it yourself. I'm sure you're everything she ever hoped you would be, and more!

Anonymous said...

I hope you cherish her medal, M-A and it was great to recognise it. I am still proud of mine, even after 49 years!!.maybe Jena will be a singing, New zealand trained Registered nurse!!!Mindboggling indeed. A

Anna said...

She's beautiful. I too, like seeing/meeting a friend's parents. It says a lot about the person you know.
Just as I suspected. Beautiful on the inside and out!