Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Online List of 25 Random Things

1. I am creeped out by cracked mud.

2. I've skinny-dipped in the Mediterranean. Twice.

3. I sailed on a boat to America as a child. Okay, it was a luxury liner - but STILL!

4. I have a stitch in the little toe on my right foot that keeps the tendon connected.

5. I started babysitting when I was eight years old.

6. I once thought that all of Wyoming looked like Jackson Hole. I still think my husband took advantage of that misconception. :-)

7. When I was 19, I met Jimmy Dean (as in Jimmy Dean Sausage), who offered to take me and my best friend to the Bahamas on his private yacht.

8. I actually believed the person who told me that the word "gullible" was removed from the dictionary.

9. As a child, I wanted to be blond. So my parents bought me a blond wig when I was five. Too bad I've out-grown it....

10. Following a college tour to the Middle East, I impersonated Dalida (a popular Egyptian singer) for a day at my friend's place of employment - a middle school. We had the entire faculty and administration so convinced that I was Dalida, they wanted to call the local media. Luckily they didn't. My friend is still employed there, and has had parents weep with gratitude for the experience that changed their child's life: meeting Dalida.
Yes, I have a hand basket with my name on it.

11. I recorded two songs for a record when I was eight years old. Ever heard of, "Songs for a Mormon Child"?

12. When I was a kid, I frequently danced the hula in luaus, as well as other dances from Tahiti, Samoa, and New Zealand.

13. I am my mother and father's only child.

14. While in college, I worked as a dinner pianist.

15. I had my tongue clipped when I was 18, just so I could roll my "r" when singing.

16. I dated Mr. Michigan.

17. I've seen the Great Barrier Reef.

18. I like the taste of chalk.

19. Before the end of our third date, I pretty much knew that I would marry my husband.

20. In Italy I was mistaken for an Italian porn star, while on a BYU Singers tour.

21. I am afraid of snakes that live in water. River snakes...sea snakes...toilet snakes....

22. I would have loved to have had 10 kids.

23. I once got my tongue caught in the beaters of a hand mixer. Junior High. Home Ec.

24. I'm a great shot with a British .303.

25. Adults with very small, sharp teeth scare me.


Kristin said...

Thanks for the link to that fabulous music from my childhood. I still love those songs.

And I have to say, it was an honor to find that the singer who recorded that little motherhood ditty would actually comment on my own blog! Blogs are fun in such unexpected ways sometimes.

Kristin said...

PS Your daughter's birthday dress is gorgeous! I absolutely love it.