Monday, November 10, 2008

My Life Forever Changed? My Life Forever Changed!

I had a life-altering experience the morning after I arrived in Utah.

It was completely unexpected.
It was shocking.
It was exhilarating.
It warranted an immediate call to Trav, back in NYC. To his direct line at work.

It was actually a rediscovery. A re-experience, if you will.
I ran smack into something I haven't seen in ten years.

My cyber-friends, I give you Tim Tams.

What are Tim Tams, you ask? They are Australia's Favorite Cookie. It even says so, right on the package. Trav and I lived in Aus when Kit was just a bambino - and Tim Tams were a part of our Aussie lifestyle. Best consumed as a Tim Tam Slam (when both ends are nibbled off, and milk is drawn through them like a straw, culminating in the consumption of a milk-soaked, choclately piece of heaven)! The BEST part about finding these delights was that I didn't find them in an import shop. No, no, no! I found them in


On an register aisle display! With a SALE sign, even! Made by Arnott's in Aus, they are now distributed by Pepperidge Farms (which means that they still retain their MADE-IN-AUS GOODNESS!). As of November, 2008. So yes, I found them soon after their release. I must take slight issue with the use of the word "cookie", however. They are BISCUITS. Bikkie, even. Every good Commonwealth-er knows that, but I suppose calling them as such in the U.S. would prove too challenging and brain-warping. Fair enough. I don't care - they're HERE!

I'm wasting no time indoctorinating my toddler to their fabulosity. She was instantly smitten and went so far as to disobey me when told to "leave them alone, you've had enough". But do you really think that I had the heart to reinforce those empty words?

So you must now walk run sprint to your nearest Target retail store and try them for yourself. You too can change your life forever!

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Whitney said...

Tim Tams! Cool! I got to travel to Australia and New Zealand with the Folk Dancers back in 2000 and I have fond memories of my first Tim Tam Slam. I'll have to keep my eyes open for them. Mmmm!