Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Takin' the "A" Train - woot! woot!

As long as I'm discussing the challenges of urban life, let me add transportation to the list. Sure, the subway is convenient and definitely cost-effective when compared to an SUV...but it takes planning and a lot of time. (I'm not even going to discuss the issues of crowding, crazies, or overall filth.) Just getting across town to our stake center takes as long as driving from Provo to SLC, and it's only 6.5 miles away. Compared to a 15 minute walk to our own (beautiful) meeting house, we opt for activities in our own building and try not to groan too loudly when we have to go an east side chapel.

Luckily, our upcoming Stake Conference is going to be held in OUR BUILDING! It's the easiest to access on the entire island, since the A train runs its entire course, top to bottom.

I will have to finish this particular musing later....Gotta ruN!

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