Saturday, October 4, 2008

Come, Come Ye Saints

Ahhhhhh! Conference weekend! My favorite as a child because it meant no Sunday meetings. Now my favorite as an adult because it means no Sunday meetings. It used to include a sleep-in bonus, but that no longer applies once you have children. However, I truly relish curling up on the couch to hear the Good Word delivered via internet with a blanket and cup of cocoa. Even if the blanket it shared with smaller, colder feet - although one set of feet is no longer smaller than mine - it's a really treasured scenario.

I have to admit that for the first time I actually have a "wish list" of topics for this 178th semiannual session. I am looking forward to the regular talks, but there are two things I hope are addressed.

1. I would like to hear more from President Uchtdorf. Either the same message given at last weekend's Women's Conference about happiness through compassion and the creative process, or some kind of variation/elaboration/etc. I will write about my feelings regarding his landmark address, later. I was extremely moved, and his words haven't ceased to remain with me.
2. Something, SOMETHING referring to the topic discussed in the book, "A Quiet Desperation". There is such little understanding in the church about same-gender attraction, and those members for whom this is a profound struggle need that understanding. And love. And support. Wholeheartedly. My own understanding is limited, but my mind is much more open than those of most of my friends. My heart breaks, and my spirit aches to do more. To BE more.
Furthermore, will words be mentioned about the church's
near bullying
involvement with its members regarding CA's Proposition 8?

Like I said, I'm really looking forward to this session. I love the uplifting music and words, as well as the abundance of Spirit.

You can watch it here with me. Just pretend that you have a cup of cocoa, too (careful not to spill on the couch, please) and are sharing our blanket.

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