Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl!!

WOOOHOOOOOO!!! Way to go, Giants!! What a great Super Bowl game! Here's a pic of Jena, thoroughly enjoying the winning touchdown! She got her second wind (at 10 pm) when we all started cheering after Plaxico Burress' AWESOME play! What a great time we had with our friends the Kemp's - watching the action on their 52" HDTV. It was a great, great night complete with Bryan's spicy chocolate chip chili, my homemade mac & cheese with green chilies, and Aprille's lamingtons. Ahhhhhh, man! It's great to have such good friends with fabulous culinary abilities and fancy-pants techno gear! heh heh heh This other pic is Kit in the endzone - why didn't Manning just pass the ball to him??


Anonymous said...

Ummm... bella baby is a little wild and crazy, no? lol Cute boy in pic makes me giggle.

Kiwimommy said...

Oh yeah - she got really excited when we were cheering and whooping it up over that winning touchdown. She was HILARIOUS!! I love that pic. She is soooo much fun!

Just you wait, 'enry 'iggans. Just you wait!