Thursday, February 7, 2008

Stand for Change

I recently read a comment on another blog (from NZ, no less) which really resonated with me.

Each generation views the world through their generational prism and the fascinating thing I clicked to was that Generation X (very much a buzz term in the 90s) with their distrust of authority and deep cynicism were in the ascendancy, finally wresting power away from those bloody sell out Baby Boomer generation who, idealistic in their youth, had sold out that idealism for selfish hedonism.

I think there is a very real, silent cultural war going on between Baby Boomer bosses set in their way for their own benefit and Gen Xer’s who never trusted the system in the first place and want to change things. No-where do I see that struggle most apparent than the sudden rise of Barack Obama who at 45, is at the exact friction point between Gen X and Baby Boomers. Much has been said of Barack’s ‘generational difference’ but I have yet to see anyone in the mainstream media connect this to Gen X, because when you understand that Barack is Gen X with all the distrust of authority and cynicism towards the status quo that comes with Gen X, you get a real understanding of where he’s coming from.

Generation X and the change they bring with them is exactly what the planet needs. The status quo should be worried.

That sums it up well, and is a well-articulated reason why I embrace further this candidate! A time to stand for change, indeed.

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Look at you. All informed and proudly posting your new man's picture.