Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sticking it to the sticks

So, umm...I've just downed about ten Williams-Sonoma Christmas hot chocolate sticks. Yeah. Ten. Okay, they're only about 4 inches long and are basically peppermint candy-cane toothpicks. With chocolate 2/3 of the way down. But holy crap - TEN?! Maybe I have an issue with food? Hmmmmmm....ya think? Actually, yes I do. When there's no percocet handy, it is my drug of choice. I issue it to myself, military-style. One for this stress. Two for this stress. Here's ten more for this stress. I eat to Y E A H,   R E L A X,   B A B Y ! When my daughter's been high-maintenance all morning and finally lies down for a nap, then it's straight to the fridge. Then I plop down (with emphasis on the "plop") in front of the computer and graze my way back to serenity. Never mind the accompanying guilt. Or indigestion. Or tooth decay. However, following the example of a much-admired friend, I am going to try and blog my way to the aforementioned serenity. So here goes.... I hear Baby stirring. She's wakened from her nap. Good thing I have my peppermint fix to keep me grounded until it's time to make dinner. /sarcasm.

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