Tuesday, November 8, 2005

The Day After

Wow, I'm having a REALLY hard time feeling motivated today. DS is home - day off from school - and I am really grateful for that. I would hate to be alone today. He's really keeping me distracted and up. :-) But I have laundry to do, a house to straighten, groceries to buy, and I still have to do my civic duty and vote. I'm actually glad that I can do the laundry - I was feeling guilty, having DH do it after long days at work. But now that I can pick up >10 lbs, and clean the cat box - what else could I possibly want to do??! Alas, I lack any and all resolve to start....

I think number one, I have to get off this stupid computer. I know I'll never get anything done while my butt is in this chair. Okay. So here I go. Really. I'm getting off the computer. Now. Right now. After this word. THIS word. Really.

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