Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So what, I'm only going to post once a month, now? Perhaps. I think winter is like the dry season for me. I looked at last year's stats: January 2009 had six posts, February had two - and then dry until June. Seriously, I could've done that again this year and really, who would care? ha!

I decided to blog a bit today, simply because I couldn't have my last post from February 18th be my most recent post. Too much of a downer! Here are some random updates:

We're nearing the year mark since we shifted apartments. I'm starting to get a bit more used to this place. I LOVE having a bigger space, but really this building . . . not so much. Thankfully, I will get to spend the hottest part of the summer in UTAH with the kids! YAY to not having to endure a hot, summertime elevator that smells like mice! I am already counting down the days. Woohooooooo!

I got my first Met gig! It came and went in January (and seriously, it took me *this* long to blog about it??!) and was an absolutely thrill. Basically, I was called on Friday, auditioned on Monday, and got the job on the spot. Two weeks later, the ride was over. Awesome. Woohoooooooo!!!!

We have been living within our means now for an ENTIRE YEAR. No credit cards. No charges. None. Nada. Nulla. Nunca. Niente. We are quite happy with ourselves. Wooohoooo!

I have caved, and decided to sew another *gasp* dress for Jena. It's too much fun, and I can't resist. However, this time I am being smart - I chose a dress pattern that is UNLINED and SLEEVELESS. Hopefully this will make the project that much more enjoyable. It will be an Easter dress. Woohooo!

I'll finish up with a couple of pics and a video clip from last month's snow storm. WoohoooHoooo!


Cyn said...

I have a gazillion (no, seriously... a GAZILLION) easy patterns that would be awesome for Jena! Skirts, tops, pants, shorts/skorts, dresses, totes, hats... through the entire range of sizes (up to 14) all in eBook form, and some so simple that they don't even require pattern pieces! I would be happy to share ANY of them with you! Should I send you some of my favorites, and you can tell me if you want more?

PS...Everyone you know will say this, but I'd LOVE to see you if you have time while you're in UT! :)

Kiwimommy said...

That would be AWESOME!! Yes!! Thank you so much!

Kiwimommy said...

p.s. And of COURSE we'll hang out this summer! Looking forward to it.

Marci said...

Any pictures of you at the Met? What was your part? Congrats on the year within your means! Can't wait to see the new dress.