Tuesday, January 5, 2010


After a short hiatus, I decided to face the dragon and finish the dress. Last night, I must have spent five hours just trying to place the zipper. I completed it today, only because I was too mentally exhausted to finish it last night! HA!

So here it is.

Here is the lining.

Here is the back.

I am extremely proud of my efforts, and pleased with the dress. I'm glad that I didn't give up, and I'm even more happy that I finished three days early! All I can say is thank heaven for Patty Young's beautiful fabrics. This dress wouldn't be half of what it is without them. I am even contemplating making a little coordinating dress for her baby doll. We shall see....

At any rate, I can put away my sewing machine for another 12 months!


Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! (And bwuhuhuhuh.)

Marci said...

Wow! Absolutely fabulous!!

Kiwimommy said...

Thank you, Marci!

And S - you make me laugh. Love you!