Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Journey Has Begun

I have already posted my ambitious sewing project for J-bird's 3rd birthday dress. Yesterday, I began sewing. I started with the collar, because I knew it would be the most challenging part of the dress. I was right. Adding that little bit of trim made it pop - but it nearly made me pop, too! Over three hours later, it's finally finished after finally resorting to hand stitching. I told you, I'm slooooooow.

I also made a bit of a change to my design. I swapped two of the fabrics. What I was going to use for the bodice, I decided to use in the skirt, and vice-verse. I think it's much more pleasing this way. Here's the adjusted mock-up:

Here is a shot of the part I hate the most: sewing the lining into the bodice, with the collar and sleeves tucked in between. All the pins and thread and bulk...bleh!

Here is the completion of today's work. It still hasn't been trimmed or pressed, so nothing is lying flat. However, I am liking what I see! Sewing for me is not a talent, nor even a skill. It's an achievement.

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