Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy 40th, Sesame Street!

How could I not make a special post to wish Sesame Street a happy 40th? That paragon of the GenX childhood - now so far from where it started. But aren't we all, decades later?

A couple of years ago, I posted a link to a NY Times article which cited the noted differences between Sesame Street then and now. My favorite line from the commentary? "The milk looks dangerously whole". HAHA!! That still cracks me up.

Even while looking for a pic to include in this post, I was hard-pressed to find one without Elmo. Some may wonder, was there ever a "without Elmo"? Ohhhhh yes, dear reader. Oh, yes. "Heigh ho! Kermit the Frog, here" brought kids running to the television long before, "La la la la! La la la la! Elmo's world". There was such a innocence in the early shows. Kids were kids. They ate cookies, they were loud, sang ALL THE TIME, and loved not having a story line to follow. I find Sesame Street os today just a bit too....corporate.

J-bird still enjoys watching the show - on YouTube of all the old Sesame Street clips I have saved in my favorites folder.

Hey, a mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do. Bring on the whole milk!


May said...

When I was a kid, Sesame Street came on twice a day, and I sat in front of the television, ready for each broadcast.

It warms my heart to see a lot of the original cast still going strong. I love that show.

andrea gale said...

dude. sesame street is THE BEST!!! come on, yip yips? oscar the grouch? cookie monster?? oh, my. this post made me so happy.

PBAndJ said...

I loved SS! Especially the marble rolling on the tracks...do do do do do - do do do do do - do bah - bah dah DAH! eleven! LOL

Yes, there was life before Elmo. I dare say, in part, SS shaped who I am. :)

ps. Waiter - there's a fly in my soup!