Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Changes

Halloween this year was fairly low key for us. We had tentative plans to attend the Halloween parade mentioned in my previous post, but the weather was just too icky and wet to make braving the cold worth it. Instead, we stuck to the festivities at our church building, which provided trick-or-treating, games, and a costume parade.

J-bird was a lovely little "Nose Wipe", as she calls the character. Kit decided to rock it out as Ozzy. He looked ginormous next to his little sister.

This was the first year since Kit was born, that Supertrav and I didn't dress up - a sure sign that we're gettin' old!

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PBAndJ said...

Thank goodness for church activities! Trunk or Treat where I live. We only had about 5 knocks on the door this year. Now what are we gonna do with all this candy?