Monday, September 28, 2009

Court of Honor

Every summer, Kit goes back to Utah to spend a month or so, just being a suburban kid. Last year when he was 12, he went on his first scout hike. He really jumped into the deep end by completing a 50-miler in the high Uinta mountains! Last night, our stake held its Court of Honor and Kit finally received the patch he earned last year. He also earned another nine merit badges this summer, but his NYC scout leaders didn't get around to purchasing all of them. (grrrrrrrr) So instead, they asked Kit for the 50-mile patch, presented that *back* to him, and let everyone know that Kit received his merit badges but they would be presented in our ward CofH. I think the whole affair of shortcomings bothered Supertrav and me more than our son, HOWEVER, pics of those well-earned merit badges will definitely be posted once they have been received!

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