Friday, January 9, 2009


Our two year old was on the Today Show with Al Roker! J-bird and I headed down to Rockefeller Center. We hopped on the subway with SuperTrav and Kit, as part of their going-to-school/going-to-work routine and SuperTrav was able to walk with me to the Plaza. Not one minute after I stood with the crowd, Meredith walked over and chatted with us off-air. You see, I strategically took along a sign that read, "I'm 2 TODAY" complete with the Today Show logo. Can I just say that Meredith is TINY! Not just short, but TINY! Of course, I'm an amazon, so she's going to be diminutive next to me - but I was surprised.

Then, about three minutes later, Al Roker made a beeline for J-bird - and the rest is history! Or rather, HERstory.

We also met "Champ" - who apparently is famous just for being in the Today Show crowd every single morning. He was very kind and generous with his assistance. He got us our great spot right in the front, and helped with the stroller, etc when it was time to go. And tomorrow is *his* birthday! Cool.

It was such a FUN morning!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Baby!


Whitney said...

Very fun!

Anonymous said...

I SAW YOU ON TV!!! What a great childhood memory for her!! She is VERY lucky to have you for a mother!