Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It Has a Name!

You may remember that in my previous post I mentioned a particular style, for which I had no name. It involved beautiful, simple coordinating colors and items, etc. Well - it DOES have a name. And it's all official n' stuff. It's called:

Wabi-sabi is truly in the eye of the beholder. A few great examples include - a handmade piece of pottery with bubbles and bumps, handcrafted wood furniture, a blanket knitted by Grandma, and pieces of your own history, such as sepia-toned family photos and leather-bound books with crinkled pages.

Curiosities come in all shapes and sizes; some are just for display, while others have functional purposes as well. Examples include – a collection of dishes, cups or other kitchenware from another culture or time period, unique porcelain figurines, vintage textiles and artwork, old postcards and advertisements and antique toy collections.


I feel quite proud of myself for finding this, you know. Well ... more for coming across it. I didn't really *find* it - an email landed in my inbox and all I did was {click} {click} and there it was. It makes my stylistic references that much easier - and I do think it's lovely.

I have a special affinity for the sweet little bird pictured above, because of our own little J-bird. Her nickname since birth, since her name is Arabic for "little bird".

This is now the third style in the last couple of months, for which I've learned the name. I know it doesn't seem like such a big deal, but it's a lot easier to call something by its name, rather than having you say, "Oh you's when people wear lots of black and red, but it's not goth, but they have piercings and tattoos, but they aren't just punkers ...or bikers....
Oh you know! You know!"

Of course, I am now referring to the ever-present emo and emo hardcore styles. (I don't have any images of emo hardcore because my internet filter won't allow the search results. hahaha Yes, now that we have a 12 yr old, we also have an internet filter. Kit is such a quinessential boy scout that it almost seems silly - but we're not stupid parents. Better to be safe than sorry.)
Emo is a broad title that covers a lot of different styles of emotionally- charged punk rock.
(n.) Abbreviated from "emotive hardcore", relating to a genre of music coined due to a band's usage of emotional and personal lyrics.
(adj.) A style of dress used by followers of 'emo'. This dress sense includes trucker caps, long fringes for boys, short hair for girls, black clothes and tight trousers.

This just leaves the third style-trend, which would be Rockabilly. But I already kinda knew that one, as the name has been around for yonks. But I didn't think that it was still being used by such a young crowd. But there you go! Rockabilly seem to appeal to a broader age range - many in their late 20's and 30's and even into their 40's. The emos are definitely a younger crowd though. GOOD THING. The thought of a 40-something emo makes me *shudder*.

A blend of country & western and rhythm & blues, rockabilly arose in mid-1950s. The genre's stylistic legacy--it pointed the way to classic rock 'n' roll--far outweighed its commercial impact. By the late 1950s, virtually all rockabilly practitioners had been subsumed by either pop-rock or country music. Think ELVIS, CHUCK BERRY, & HANK WILLIAMS in a punk-powered blender with heavy metal.

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