Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A new of my favorite things

DD and I have some new favorites. It's especially nice that both of our favorites have to do with things that smell, well....NICE!

Jena's new favorite is a game that I'll simply call, "Calling-out-with-a-loud-voice-the-owner-of-the-freshly-cleaned-garment-emerging-from-the-washing-machine". It goes a little something like this:

(Blue school uniform shirt) Kit!
(Blue school uniform shirt) Kit!
(White blouse) Mom!
(Blue school uniform shirt) Kit!
(Blue dress shirt) Dada! *Note that he is the only one who gets two syllables!
(Yellow shorts) Me!

And thus is proceeds every time I'm dealing with laundry, be it sorting, loading, hanging, or folding. It's actually a very fun game, and I'm delighted that she consistently scores 100%. I guess staring up at Big People all day has its perks. At least I know she's paying attention! :-)

My new favorite thing is this: the scented oil reed diffuser from Pottery Barn. Here is it, sitting in my bathroom window sill. (Doesn't it look all ethereal and clean?) You should SMELL it!! Ooooooooh, heaven! I love that the fragrance is dispersed through reeds - nothing electric. No plugs. No annoying gels or sprays. Just lovely lavender scented oil. We have another in our living room called, "wild fern". All lowercase. These puppies are supposed to last 6-8 months. We shall see. Nevertheless, I highly recommend them!

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