Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yum yum?

Yeah, so like...uh-huh. I'm stressed. And I mean S T R E S S E D. I have 41 hours left, before I have to leave for the airport. Yup, that means I have a 7 am flight to Utah - giving me a departure-from-the-apartment time of approximately 5:30 am. Which means waking up around 4 am. Which is only 39.5 hours away.

And I haven't practiced since Tuesday.

Today is Thursday.

Okay, okay, I did practice a little yesterday, but I'm telling you - my voice was TIRED! So I only sang a little bit. Today, I was hoping/planning/betting that Jena would go down for her morning nap around 10'ish and sleep till noon-ish. Then I could practice for about an hour, feed her, and then teach a lesson at 2 pm. Nope. She wouldn't go to down without a fight at 10:30, and at 11 I went in for the third time to comfort her to sleep. I could've let her run around, but then she would *really* be off from her schedule, and I wouldn't get in my practice time.

Didn't matter. She still didn't drop off to sleep until after 11. So now, I'm drumming my fingers blogging, waiting for her to wake up (hopefully happy) so that I can get in some practice before I have to teach. Then, it's off to the doc's so that she can get another inoculation shot. Fun times!

After that, gotta swing by Duane Reade and get Trav's prescriptions, and a birthday card for Kit. This evening starting at 5 pm, the three of us are getting long-overdue haircuts. Yay. But still, that's more running around. Then there's dinner, more memory work. I need to work on Bryan's site. Oh yeah - and do some more laundry so that I can pack. For two month's worth of being away.

I can do laundry and pack tomorrow.

My home looks like a small nuclear disaster. One can always tell when Mommy is going away soon to sing, because the house enters a period of mourning. It weeps dirty socks in the living room, rubbermaid containers in the kitchen, crumbs in the dining room, dust bunnies in the bedroom, and covers itself in a fine layer of dust on every horizontal surface that hasn't already grown layers of papers and junk. Without fail. I need to have a talk with our apartment, because it just can't keep doing that!

And the car horns keep honking outside on the street. And the darks keep barking in the hallways. And still my daughter sleeps.

While I stress.

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