Monday, June 16, 2008

Heart breaker

Yesterday was Father's Day, and I was able to spend it with my own dad. I can't remember the last I was able to do that! More than seven years ago, that's for sure. I really enjoyed the time. We had a picnic in the backyard (where the heart-breakingly gorgeous photo of Jena was taken by Olya - positively beautiful work, Oly!) and Jake and his little family joined us, too. Jonas is such a cutie. He seems a bit unsettled, but I think that will disappear with time. His parents just need to keep smiling at him, and he'll catch on. What a cute baby, though!

As fun and enjoyable as the day was, my heart was really broken and felt empty without Travis and Kit. Yesterday was Kit's twelfth birthday. Yes, my son is 12. Hard for me to believe - and hard for me to have him in Puerto Rico on his birthday, unable to talk to him. I hope that he had a great day, and knew that we were thinking about him and sending him SO MUCH LOVE across the many miles.

I really missed the father of my children, on Father's Day. I love Travis so much. He is my greatest friend. He understands me more deeply than anyone. What a blessing for me to have him in my life. He serves his family with such dedication and thought. He is kind and handsome and just purely wonderful. I love you, Trav!!

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