Saturday, April 26, 2008


Friday, April 25 was ANZAC Day. Anzac Day is commemorated by Australia and New Zealand on 25 April every year to honor members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs) who fought at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I. This year, I was invited to sing at the Washington National Cathedral in a special ANZAC memorial service. It was a huge honor and a great thrill. The cathedral was massive, and the acoustics, overwhelming. I sang the three national anthems (Australia, NZ, and American) as well as Poata rau (Now is the Hour). It was a beautiful service. The day was especially wonderful because my brother Jon and his wife Noelle live in DC. Cathy also flew out for the event. Even Marla and Patricia made the trip down to DC - so there was a lot of family and friends and love.

After a reception at the Australian embassy which followed the service, we met Noelle at the congressional offices on The Hill. She treated us to a tour of the U.S Capitol. LOVED IT! She is such a sweetheart, and I just love how she loves Jon. Afterwards, we went to Jon and Noelle's apartment. It was very cute! Noelle has done such an impressive decorating job. We went to dinner (Cathy's treat) and then once it was dark, went to the Lincoln and Vietnam memorials. Very moving. And the Lincoln Memorial is MASSIVE! I couldn't get over just how huge and impressive it was.
What a great, great day!

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