Sunday, August 26, 2007

Turning a new leaf before autumn does it for me

I have to start the blogging anew with a photo of my beautiful children. What joy and inspiration they bring to my life! I want to be a better example of health for them, so I have decided to make some changes. Since this blog is for me and ONLY me - I'm going to return to blogging. I guess.

Clearly, I have issues with putting my personal feelings out into the public world. But I think that I have issues with putting my personal feelings *anywhere*. So I might as well practice getting thoughts and feelings out right here, right now.

I mean to lose weight. This is different from "I want to lose weight", or even "I'm going to lose weight". It's not even close to "I need to lose weight" or "I have to lose weight". I guess it's about intentions, which have so beautifully paved my way to Fat Hell.

Back in 1997, (beginning Christmas Day, 1996), I dropped a cool 40 lbs with diet and exercise alone. I did Oprah's "Get With the Program" and I was a woman on fire! Since then, I have tried numerous times to start with that program again - and every time I have failed. Why? I don't know. I have done other programs with some success, but Oprah's way was by far the best and the easiest one to which I could commit "permanently". It was a great way of life, and damn I felt good.

So I'm going to skip past all of my pending pontification and jump right in to what I want.

1. I want order in my life.
2. I want a cleaner home. (Notice that I didn't write, "...a clean home".)
3. I want to be lean and fit.
4. I want to practice everyday.
5. I want to go outside everyday.
6. I want to live within my means and become debt free.
7. I want to be a positive person with positive energy who radiates love, confidence, and beauty.
8. I want to become close to God.

I am really grateful for my interpersonal relationships with my husband and children. I feel that they are in great shape. I would love for them to improve, yes - but that is something on which I need to work. I'm not waiting for anyone to change. I am the one who needs and wants to change.

So now I've stated what I want. I guess the next step is to state what I will do.

1. I will spend less time in front of the computer! (I originally typed this as number three, and realized quickly that it needed to be number ONE in order to accomplish anything!!)
2. I will read Oprah's book again and visualize myself living by its principles.
3. I will clean one horizontal surface every day.
4. I will pray morning and night.
5. I will go to at night before 11 pm.
6. I will try and blog at least three times a week.

That's it for now.

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