Monday, August 27, 2007

I don't have any real problems with Darwin. I don't. REALLY. I don't. In fact, I studied his theories when I was at BYU - in a REQUIRED course, no less. Anthropology. I believe in Natural Selection and yes, evolution of species. Ooooooooo!! Evolution! However, evolution of THE species...I don't really jive with the whole man descended from a common ancestor with the ape.

Having said that, Kit found out in which house he belongs at school. Newton? No. DaVinci - which name he petitioned to add and led the movement to change a house from Gallileo to Darwin -? Nope. You guessed it. He's in the Darwin house.

I am really proud of him, and I know I'm worrying for naught. I guess that I just obssess with worry that religion or belief in God will be mocked. But I know better than that. And I know my son and his strengths.

So all in all, I look forward to this year and the many excitements which lay ahead! GO KIT!!!! xoxo

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